About ‘A Book and a Dram’

I have always said that anyone who says they do not like whisky is wrong. They merely have not tried the right one yet. Whisky is at the heart of Scottish drinking culture and the first drink I moved onto after being introduced to beer in my teens. I skipped wine, though I do appreciate it with meals, and headed straight for the glorious amber bead.

I never had so much pleasure as to sit down with a great book and sip on a single malt whisky, enjoying the compliments one gave to the other. Occasionally those whiskies just wouldn’t match. Reading Of Mice and Men for example would simply not suit a smooth 18 year old Glendronach for example, there is too much contrast between the hardships that George and Lennie face and the smooth, easy going nature of the Glendronach. Rather you would look towards something like the Benromach Organic malt which is as rough and ready a whisky as I have ever had.

So pairing the ideal dram to the ideal book is a passion which I will now encourage and display on this site. I am always open to suggestions, both for drinks and reading material and welcome any comments or even desires to contribute openly.

Please never hesitate to get in touch if you wish to, either on here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.